Mk7 Oil Mist Detection
Mk7 Oil Mist Detection

Mk7 Oil Mist Detection

   Control Technic is authorised distributor and service partner of Graviner. We are providing sales and service for Oil Msit Detectors and  keep spares for Mk6 and Mk7 models. Supporting brand in all Turkish ports and shipyards. Retrofits and upgrades old systems to Mk7.

Famous model on market

Graviner Mk7 is well known brand and model in ship industry .

1 Monitor and 10 engines

The Graviner Mk7 OMD System is an auto addressed oil mist detection system capable of monitoring up to 10 Control Units per system with each Control Unit having up to 10 detectors connected to it.


1 Screen unit can monitor 10 engines and 100 detector
Each detector head monitors a single crankspace.
Analog addressible makes local monitoring for each detector
All detectors can work stand alone
Market leader brand
Easy to access service and spares all around the world
No delay on smoke detection 
Suitable for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.
Canbus comnunication between detectors and control panel
Certified by mayor marine class.