Air Horn 150dB
Air Horn 150dB
Air Horn 150dB
Air Horn 150dB

Air Horn 150dB

€ 675.00

 Very strong and long life air horn. High decibel sound output with modern design and small body.

This horn is pressured air operated product. Air is supplied through a solenoid valve and hand pull-rope.
Activate can be done by a push button or automatic fog controller by energised solenoid valve coil.


Suitable for 75-200 meter length ships
Material :  Copper
Weight :    5,30 kg
Air Press : 7-10 bar
Air Flow :  5,0 l/s
Output :   150 dB
Frequency : 200 Hz
Control Options : Electrically driven solenoid valve and manual valve through hand pull-rope.
Solenoid coil voltage can be chosen 24VDC or 220VAC.
Meets compliance with the Colregs 1972 Annex III
Certificates : Not yet
Origin : Far East


Maitenance free design and material
Fully seawater resistant copper body
Electrically and hand pull-rope activation
New generation small compact sizes
Easy to install and comissioning