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Deif RMP 112D
Deif RMP 112D
Deif RMP 112D
Deif RMP 112D

Deif RMP 112D

€ 350.00

Power protection relay 

Protect your prime mover against overload
This is second hand and in good condition from stock.

Reliable protection for plants

The protective overload and reverse power relay type RMP-112D forms part of a complete DEIF series of relays for protection and control of generators and is applicable to both marine and land-based installations.

Approved relevant marine authorities

The RMP-112D is type-approved by major classification societies and is applied for protection of the prime mover against overload and for protection against reverse power.

Main benefit

Protection of the prime mover against overload is especially required if this is undersized in proportion to the AC generator.
Supervision of the reverse power will prevent a generator running in parallel with other generators from running as a motor - thus protecting the prime mover - and will at the same time ensure that the remaining generators connected to the system are not disconnected due to overload of these.

Supply voltage (Un) : 57.7-63.5-100-110-127-200-220-230-240-380-400-415-440-450-660-690V AC ±20% (max. 3.5VA) 24-48-110-220V DC -25/+30% ( max. 2W )
Meas. current (In) : 0.3-0.4-0.5-0.6-0.8-1.0-1.3-1.5-2.0-2.5-3.0-4.0-5.0A AC
Overload : 4 x In, continuously, 20 x In for 10 s (max. 75A), 80 x In for 1 s (max. 300A)
Load : Max. 0.5VA per phase
Meas. voltage (Un) : (See supply voltage - AC ranges)
Overload : 1.2 x Un, continuously, 2 x Un for 10 s
Frequency range : 40...45...65...70Hz
Contact type : Relays B and C :normally open or normally closed, with or without latch
Contact voltage : Max. 250V AC/150V DC change-overs at resistive load)
Temperature : -25...70°C ( -13…158°F ) ( operating )
Origin / Brand : Deif
Model : RMP-112D