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Selco T2400
Selco T2400
Selco T2400
Selco T2400

Selco T2400

Selco T 2400 Is double over current relay for generator protection.

This is second hand and in good condition from stock.

Reliable brand

Selco is reliable brand in expecially marine division. 
The company has many protection relays for ships.

Double relay in one

T 2400 Is double type unit which has two indipendant over current relay inside. 
Both relay can be adjusted to protect different part of projects.
Such as one relay can be over current protection of generator , while other relays is preferantial trip protection.


• Protection of generators against overcurrent
• Trip of non essential services at peak loads
• Price competitive, due to the combined functions
• Visual indication of power, pick-up and relay tripping on both relays
• High precision digital countdown timer for delayed output
• Accepts high supply voltage variations:60 - 110%
• Cost effective and highly reliable compact design
• 50 hours burn-in before final test
• Certified by major marine classification societies
• Flame retardant enclosure

Trip levels : 0.5 - 1.4 x IN
Delays : 3 - 30 sec.
Max. voltage : 660V
Voltage range : 60 - 110%
Consumption : Voltage 5VA at UN / Current 0.3VA at IN
Continuous current : 2 x IN
Frequency range : 45 - 400Hz
Output relays : Normally de-energized
Contact ratings : AC: 400V, 5A, 2000VA / DC: 150V, 5A, 150W
Overall accuracy : ±5%
Repeatability : ±1%
Operating temperature : -20°C to +70°C
Dielectric test : 2500V, 50Hz
Approvals : Certified by major marine classification societies
Burn-in : 50 hours before final test
Enclosure material : Polycarbonate. Flame retardant
Weight : 0,5 kg
Dimensions : 70 x 100 x 115mm (H x W x D)
Origin : Denmark