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RPM Converter MCT 5.01
RPM Converter MCT 5.01
RPM Converter MCT 5.01
RPM Converter MCT 5.01

RPM Converter MCT 5.01

€ 450.00

     Reversible RPM Indicator System has been designed to monitor revolution and also direction of any rotating object.
The product mostly used on ships for reversible main engines to get engine or shaft rpm value and direction.

Part of a system

MCT 5.01 Is a part of indicating system for reversible or non-reversible engines. System consists of  :
1 Pc     Converter
2 Pcs    Sensors
1 Pc      Sensor Bracket
1-2 Pcs Target Metal  - Less than 400 rpm needs 2 or 4 targets.
4 Pcs M8 x 25mm Bolt with nuts with washers
Indicators are optional

Simply the best

     We claim that , MCT 5.01 is best on its division. Versatile , accurate , simple and strong. Very easy to install and commissioning. Crew can do it without additional support. Converter Set includes 1 pc MCT 5.01 Converter , 2 pcs speed sensors , 1 pc sensor bracket and bolts,nuts.

No need maintenance

      Because there is no friction part. Speed sensors don't touch any metal surface while engine is running. That makes all components long lifed. Converter ourput is common industrial standard +/-10V DC to fit most of indicators and systems.
     MCT 5.01 Can supply 10 pcs indicators with its strong output.
     Indicators can be bought as additional on other menu on our website as desired size.