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Rudder Angle  Indicator RI110
Rudder Angle  Indicator RI110

Rudder Angle Indicator RI110

€ 165.00

RI110 Is a rudder angle indicator instrument which is highly preferred on ships.
It is proven products since many years with success stories.
RI110 Can work with all system which have +/-10V DC.
Also different input types are possible at order.

High accuracy DIN standard panelmeter instrument

Most used type input +/- 10V DC in market with high accuracy. 

Ideal for retrofit applications.

Strong body with high durability

Desgned to comply wth ndustral and marne specs


Meets DIN Standarts and sizes
Shock resistant Pivot and jewel movement
Ideal for retrofit applcations
LED Scale lluminaton
Designed to comply wth industral and marine specs
+/- 10V Input fits most existing systems
High accuracy 1%
Can be installed to ECR and E/R