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Quality Policy

We are active as CONTROL TECHNIC; service of maintenance, repair, test and calibration services (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, Oil Water Separator, Switchboard Instruments VA-Kw-Hz, Air Circuit Breaker, Tanker Overfill Alarms, Gas Detection, Oil Mist Detector, Fire Alarm Systems of marine vessel's electrical and automation systems within the scope of;
• Providing timely responses to requests, delivering  projects on time, providing quality products / services and competitive prices, good service as information and technical support, timely identification of requests that change based on the needs and expectations of the party involved (internal / external context) and customer satisfaction offer.
• To pursue high technology in order to make customer satisfaction continuous and to use it effectively,
• To adopt the concept of having all the staff at home and thus to place the quality awareness of all the personnel, to provide training to develop knowledge and skills, to encourage sleeping and creativity,
• Being exemplary and leading company in the sector with respect to the environment,
• Providing personal happiness and motivation,
• Adopt the concept of continuous improvement of the system through quality-assured, measurable, Quality Objectives assessment,
• To comply with national and international standards, our quality policy.
In this direction, we declare Quality Targets as CONTROL TECHNIC , and we promise that we will keep our targets constantly and spread this policy among all our employees.

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