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Rudder Angle Converter RC02
Rudder Angle Converter RC02
Rudder Angle Converter RC02
Rudder Angle Converter RC02

Rudder Angle Converter RC02

Rudder Angle Converter RC02 Has been designed to get ship's rudder angle value from position sensors and convert it to indicating signal for analog indicators.

One Converter For All Ships

RC02 Challnges to all competitors on its field. There are many advantages , which other brands don't have. These unique features make RC02 easy to use and reduces installation time  

Different Feedback Unit Inputs

RC02 Rudder Angle Converter has two different type rudder feedback units.  Standart model is RFU , which is upplyed by us. Other is  ordinary potentiometer type rudder feedback unit. This option makes RC02 suitable for most of this. Beacuse many ships have potentiometer feedback unit.  

Wide Range Of Feedback Units

RC02 RFU input is +/- 10V. Pot.meter input is wide range between 1 Kilo Ohm to 5 Kilo Ohm. This range covers all Pot.meter type feedback units.  Another benefit of RC02 is independent type of Span adjustment of Port and Stbd. This feature allows to eleminates installation faults of feedback units and permanent errors of indicators. When port side adjustment of converter is being adjusted , Stbd. Side is not affected. 

Output of RC02 is +/- 10V and up to 50mA . It means , several indicators can be driven by RC02. If our indicators are being used , more than 10 indicators can be connected as parallel , because of they are only 1mA type. 
   +/- 10V Output type added to RC02 to support existing indicators onboards. When indicators are +/-10 V type and still in order , no need to make extra work and cost for new indicators. 

Operating Voltage : 24V DC ( 18V to 32V DC )
Input signal 1 : 1....5 Kohm Potentiometer 
Input signal 2   +/- 10V DC
Output : +/- 0-10V
Mounting Type : Rail Mounting
Weight : 100 g
Origin / Brand : CONTROL TECHNIC